Culture (August 4th to August 10th)

Murderer twice divorced, homeless and desperate

Bill Gates in Water Cube

William (Bill) H. Gates applauses for the wonderful performance of the athletes in the "Water Cube" --, National Aquatics Center in Beijing, China, August 10, 2008.

Family of murdered tourist thanks Beijing for support

The Chinese century forum

You call the fireworks fake, I call them green

The opening night, China's soul
On 08/08/08, after decades of trauma and self-doubt, China may finally be willing to, armed with confidence, embrace the world. Let us hope that other nations, without forfeiting their own beliefs, also summon enough self-possession to help China try.

No rain for opening: Luck or rockets?
1,100 rockets were fired into the skies over Beijing to ensure rain didn't stop play at the Olympic opening ceremony.

Li Ning, the torch bearer of the Chinese sport

Source: The Economic Times

The master behind the opening ceremony

Zhang Yimou, movie director and Director of the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, at a news conference in Beijing in March. (Claro Cortes IV/Reuters)

How much for a shirt?

A perfect blend of technology and tradition

Shanghai carries no torch for Beijing

WSJ: 'Welcome to the Chinese century'

Relative of US Olympic coach killed in Beijing

World hails Beijing's perfect night
"For China, before a TV audience of 4 billion, this was the luckiest moment in a thousand years. It is, too, the start of something even bigger than an Olympic Games. It is the beginning of China's new era of greatness, witnessed and implicitly approved, by much of the leadership of the planet," Andrew Gilligan from Beijing.

A perfect opening

Opening ceremony dancers. Photo: Andrew Meares

Expect the Beijing Games unlike any other

Best ever opening
'If any future Olympic Games is ever credited with a more awesome, brilliant, inspired, powerful or original opening ceremonies it might have to be because everybody on the planet developed amnesia.'

China is greener than you think

Olympics opening ceremony begins with cheer and grandeur
IOC: It is time to bring the games to the homeland of 1.3 billion people, a fifth of humanity.

Let's celebrate the Games

Fireworks explode during the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at the National Stadium, August 8, 2008. The stadium is also known as the Bird's Nest. [Agencies]

China’s day in the sun

Olympic and Chinese flags are shown during torch relay ceremonies on the Great Wall of China. Photo / AP

It's Li Ning!

Opening ceremony FACTBOX

Test your China IQ

Bigger than Oprah: Yang Lan

CNN Olympics blog

Adopted Chinese children celebrate Olympics

Interview with Jiang Wen
Jiang's award-winning "Devils on the Doorstep" recounts Sino-Japanese War. His "In the Heat of the Sun" tells individual story of Cultural Revolution

Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan to sing theme song ‘Dreams’

Sarah sings in 'The Phantoms of the Opera' 2008 Olympic Theme Song

Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan
source: China Daily

Team Darfur Member, `Lost Boy,' to Carry U.S. Flag at Olympics

Yao Ming to be China's flag bearer

Who will light Olympic Flame at the opening?

Olympics and Chinese women

If the grandeur that is New York - or Hong Kong - wasn't built in a day, how about within 50 years? Shen Zhen, from a fishing village to the next magnificent city

Beijing welcomes you (video)

The People's Republic of Capitalism

Poll: Most in China expect Olympics to help image

Yao Ming helps us understand why the Olympics are so important

China’s Pavarotti Dai Yuqiang sings Nessun Dorma Live (video)

Deng Xiaoping’s smiling face on a billboard in Shenzhen. He said the opening-up policy would not change in 100 years.

Lingerie design competition in China

Taiwan baseball boosts image

Hot and sexy on Chinasmack

Sun writer defends China

Marry me at 8 on the 8th in 08, okay?

Chinese architects the winners in Games

NBC extends Olympics opening ceremony coverage

Time to stop criticizing China - we've already come so far

Torch in Deng’s hometown, earthquake-hit Sichuan: ‘We have had so much sadness buried deep within us. The torch relay will help it all burst from within us and dissipate.’

Torch relay in beautiful Sichuan (more pictures)

Bow towards the bronze statue of China's late leader Deng Xiaoping who made it all possible.
(Photo credit: Liu Lihang/Xinhua)

Rain, thunder, typhoons forecast for Beijing Games

Beijing: An urban laboratory to curb pollution

Olympics: The digital revolution takes the center ring